Clay Target Shooting is one of the most popular target shooting sports. The firearm used is a shotgun with clay targets (normally 100mm in diameter and 20mm thick) that are thrown by machine at variable speeds and trajectories to provide the shooter with a small, moving target. Other clay target disciplines such as Skeet and Trap have set target trajectories.

Like all target shooting, Clay target is a sport in which anyone can participate no matter what age or level of fitness. It is also very family oriented and graded to provide competition against those of similar abilities from Juniors to Veterans.

A Category A Firearms Licence is required to use a shotgun. Minors between the ages of 12 and 18 may hold a Minor’s Firearms Permit. This authorises them to shoot under the supervision of Licence holder for training and participation in approved events, but not own a firearm.

New licence applicants must complete the mandatory pre-licence Firearms Safety Training Course with the Firearm Safety & Training Council and obtain a Statement of Attainment.

Category A membership of ATSC is conditional on the member participating in no less than 4 competitions per annum.

A separate permit from NSW Firearms Registry is required when the member decides to purchase their own shotgun and mandatory secure storage must be provided.

Photos show Olympic medallists Russell Mark and Suzy Balogh