Due to unprecedented demand we regrettably advise that we cannot take any forward bookings for Try Shooting.

ATSC will be conducting a monthly Try Shooting Program, all participants must register their participation with ATSC so we can ensure we have sufficient supervision and equipment. Try Shooting will be conducted at the Sydney International Shooting Centre (SISC), Cecil Park.

The cost of this program is only $75.00 this includes range hire fees, firearms use (rifle and pistol), ammunition, earmuffs and expert tuition.

Please allow yourself at least 2-3 hours to participate in Try Shooting.

Minors (aged 12 - 17) are welcomed to join our program, they must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian at all times. Cost for Minors is just $50.00.

To Register, just phone the Club on 1300 766 213.

Large Groups catered for.

Gift vouchers are also available

Your Shooters Licence

Stringent laws enacted to protect the community govern the issue of a Shooters Licence. ATSC membership helps ensure that newcomers to this internationally popular sport understand the responsibilities involved, meet the strict conditions and facilitate obtaining their licence.

Australia’s shooting champions are now in training for a place on the team for the next Commonwealth Games. There is an increasing awareness of Australia’s preparations to continue its long sporting tradition of successful target shooting in international sport.

Australians have achieved great success in Olympic shooting in recent years and when the Commonwealth Games team is chosen, there will be increased interest among people who would like to enter the sport. ATSC will enable that interest to be realised.

6 steps to obtain a Shooters Licence in NSW

  1. The first mandatory requirement is membership of an appropriate club. The ATSC is unique in being able to help its members try each of the various target shooting disciplines.
  2. After joining the ATSC, the member applies to the Firearms Registry on Tel: 1300 362 562, for the relevant Category Shooter’s Licence. Members can obtain experienced, responsible advice from officials of the ATSC.
    In NSW an applicant for a Shooter’s Licence is required to have a “genuine reason” or “special need” to use or possess firearms. For ATSC members this will be one or more of the following:
    Target Shooting Category A (Shotgun, Small Bore Rifle, Air Rifle};
    Target Shooting Category B (Full Bore Rifle);
    Target Shooting Category H* (Pistol, Air Pistol);
    Collecting Category G (Antique and Collectible Firearms);
    Recreational Hunting for pest animal or vermin control Category A (Rimfire Rifle) and/or Category B (Centre Fire Rifle).

    * Applicants for Category H will apply for a Probationary Pistol Licence which is valid for 12 months after which a full licence is issued.

    You will be sent Personalised Application and Genuine Reason forms for completion and a copy of the Handbook on Firearms Safety Awareness.
  3. Contact the Firearm Safety & Training Council on Tel: 02 9486 3077 to complete the mandatory Firearm Safety Training program and gain your Statement of Attainment.

    Firearm Safety & Training Council
  4. Complete your licence application and send with your Certificate of Firearms Safety Awareness and copy of your ATSC membership card to the NSW Firearms Registry, Locked Bag 1, Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484. Note. Your application cannot be processed until a mandatory 28-day cooling off period expires.
  5. On notification from the Firearms Registry, attend an RTA office to pay the prescribed fee and obtain your photo Shooter’s Licence.
  6. When licenced, your ATSC membership entitles you to reciprocal rights at participating clubs where you can try the different disciplines under the guidance of responsible members experienced in each discipline.


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